About Kkavya Kreations

Kkavaya Mamgain earned her graduation degree from Delhi University in the year 1999. Prior experience includes 4 years working closely with the navy Chief in his School project as the main coordinator. Kkavya honed her skills as a freelance interior designer by doing various VIP guesthouses for Army.

She established Kkavya Creations in the year 2011. Her Interior Design firm serves a variety of clients on a wide spectrum of projects.

She is also the Co-owner of IEL, a premier Mass Communication college and takes care of the finances and operations…

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Kkavya Interiors

Residental Interiors

IMG_0337Many people live or work for years in beautiful rooms that never say anything about who they are or what they love.
Kkavya Kreations helps you create timeless residential spaces that are a reflection of your personality. Whether you desire classic style or modern interior design, It has the expertise to turn your dreams into beautiful reality we work nationally and internationally to create charming and sophisticated spaces that do more than just look great, they’re designed around the people who use them..
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Commercial Interiors

IMG_0337Great space is not branding – great feeling is! We don’t just design your space, we make you feel good! It’s not a secret that the built environment greatly affects human behavior, emotional and physical health, and our overall well-being. It is our responsibility to work together with our client (you) on creating a built environment that enhances human experience and improves our emotional and physical health. Combined years of experience in commercial architectural design and access..

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